A Highly experienced night nanny available in and around London to care for your baby while you sleep through the night!

I am a highly experienced Night Nanny, Maternity Consultant, Baby Sleep Trainer, and Troubleshooting (problem solving) Nanny. I also work with toddlers who are experiencing behavioural problems.

Also offering Welcome home Package

(2 whole days and 1 night)

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  • Rae's depth of knowledge wisdom and heart has no boundaries, her thoroughness, confidence and dedication to our family has been priceless". Christina R.
  • Rae's passion for her work shows in everything she does. Alexia P
  • We will always be thankful to Rae for her guidance, support and invaluable experience. Geraldine J.
  • Rae's wide knowledge and love for babies is so easy to see. Minna O
  • I call Rae "The Baby Whisperer". Liz F
  • It is difficult to summarise all that Rae did for us and our baby. Jane H Y