I work as a Trouble shooter and Baby/Sleep Trainer with newborn babies, twins, and older babies who are not sleeping, either during the day or night. I will spend one/two days with you to identify the problem and then plan an individual feeding and sleep routine for your baby. I will help your baby unlearn old habits and relearn new ones. I don’t just talk to mum telling her what to do, but work alongside you and your baby, feed by feed, so that you know exactly what to do after I have gone. No need to struggle any more, no need to walk with baby in your arms all day at home or to walk endlessly with baby in the buggy, trying to get him/her to sleep.

If baby has tongue-tie, or is recovering from having the tongue-tie snipped, I will show you how to finger-feed your baby with a syringe.

If your baby is not taking the bottle after being exclusively breastfed, I will spend one/two days with you to wean baby from breast to bottle. If baby is over seven months and has never taken the bottle, this may take a little longer, but I am willing to work on this with mum.

If baby or toddler is still sleeping in your bed and you would rather they were in their own cot/bed, I can help you to settle your child in their cot in their own room.

I also have a lot of experience in working with older children (up to the age of three) who are experiencing behavioural problems.