“We are first time parents with very little knowledge in babies. In the period Rae worked for us she taught us everything we needed to know in order to take the best possible care of Maija and to get her in a routine that works both for the baby's and our benefit. As a result Maija is a healthy and content baby who is growing steadily week by week. The routine allows us to plan our days and have well needed structure in our life with a new baby. We trusted Maija with Rae hundred per cent as her extremely wide knowledge in babies and, even more importantly, her genuine love for them is so obvious and easy to see. We also felt that she did her job to her best ability, never cutting corners. Should we have another child in future we will definitely have Rae as our Night Nanny again. I can and will highly recommend her”.

Minna O. Mayfair, W1

(Minna did have another baby and I went back to her 2 years later)

Rae worked with me as a Maternity Consultant and did her Welcome Home Package with my husband and myself for 36 hours, before beginning her role as our night nanny.

My husband and I were delighted with what Rae taught us. She taught us all aspects of how to care for Jessica including feeding, bathing, winding, cleaning and washing her. She also showed us how to practise good hygiene techniques with Jessica. Most importantly she showed us how to settle Jessica into a routine to ensure that Jessica and her parents were kept happy.

Rae teaches everything with love and gives parents the confidence to look after their baby. She genuinely loves babies, and you feel when she leaves you are able to look after your child independently and capably. She is always there for you at the end of the phone and makes time for mothers whenever they need her.

We always looked forward to Rae arriving and she was always able to answer any concerns or issues that we were having with Jessica. I now know that we have given Jessica the best possible start and it is all thanks to Rae”

Natalie B. Mill Hill, NW7

“My husband and myself were first time parents and nervous at the prospect of our twins until we met Rae who understood our fears and our desire to be the best parents for our babies. Rae provided reassurance as our families are overseas and was there for us when our twin boys, Samuel and Tobias, arrived 7 weeks early and were very tiny and we were helpless! Rae helped us to adjust to the new arrivals and provided us a routine that gave us confidence in looking after our twins. Rae has a unique skill in not only settling babies but also dealing with fragile parents! We employed Rae mainly for consultancy and also for a few nights as a night nanny. She has also provided us with advice from time to time and particularly at the weaning stage. It is thanks to Rae that our boys have thrived and have regularly been at the top of the growth percentiles. They are content and happy babies and we will always be thankful to Rae for her guidance, support and invaluable experience”.

Geraldine J. Twickenham, Middx

(now living in Australia, email address available)

“As a night nanny Rae is superb - the one thing that is of course in very short supply when you have a baby is sleep. The nights that Rae was coming to us were a a joy she is incredibly reliable and happy for you to slip off to bed, as soon as we have . discussed the day together. She always makes sure you are left organised for the next day and if there had been any concerns or upsets during the night, would fully brief us for the day ahead.

Rae's combination of emotional and extremely practical support is a must to first time parents. She genuinely cares for the whole family and when she is with you is completely committed to making time with your new little ones as pleasurable as is possible.

In short Rae will make becoming a new parent really enjoyable. She gifts you her skills, gathered over many years, from children all loved and cared for exceptionally well by their Nanny Rae”.

Ruth and Richard B East Finchley, N2

(Mum and Dad to twins,Charlotte and Joseph)

"I call Rae "the Baby Whisperer". She came to help me when my son was just 3 weeks old, and within an hour of arriving had him sleeping soundly in his Moses Basket -- something I had been unable to achieve!

She consistently went above and beyond the call of duty, helping me to organize his bottles, sterilization, sleeping routine and more. Rae truly cares about all the children she looks after. And her years of experience are invaluable--she is able to speak babies "language," helping new mums to interpret cries, body language, and just generally understand the child's needs--all of which is hugely useful in helping you to take the best care of your little one!"

Liz F. Chelsea, SW3

“Rae was my night nanny for my fourth and fifth children. She was recommended to me by a friend.

I needed someone that would be able to put my newborn babies into routine quickly as I have other children all under 6. I’ve had maternity nurses previously with my other children but they never managed to put my baby into routine. They just took the baby in the night and let me have a good sleep.

From the first night Rae was here (the first time) with my fourth child, she managed to put my baby in a routine and by 6 weeks my baby was sleeping through the night. Rae was a real pleasure to work with. She’s warm, caring, friendly and really lovely. It was very sad to see her go, but she came back to me 2 years later when I had my fifth child !

I recommend Rae fully with all my heart”.

Denise J Golders Green, NW11

“Rachel was our night nanny for the months of March and April. She was an enormous help with our new baby. She helped us to settle the baby into a good routine and gave us various, really helpful tips as a new Mum and Dad. She had a lovely way with our new daughter. She also has a wealth of experience to support her in her role as a nanny caring for our baby with lots of love, so that we felt comfortable leaving our baby in her hands while we had some time off. Rachel was always punctual, respectful and discreet.I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a night nanny.”

Emma D. Highgate, N6

“Rae entered our life at a time when my maternity nurse had just left us and we felt that we still needed assistance with settling our son into a more consistent schedule.  From the moment she walked into our home, I knew Rae would be a very warm, gentle and wise person to have around the house and I was right. Rae has not only worked for countless mothers with their babies but has had a few of her own and has an innate understanding of babies and a deep founded chore of common sense which in indispensable for this type of work. Whenever my baby cried she know exactly why and how to appease the situation, Rae never followed instructions from a book or a manual because she didn’t need to. This is where her confidence kicked in and made me feel so secure without feeling like my control as a mother was being taken away. I cannot recommend Rae enough.Rae gages personalities very well and in doing so she fits in to the family environment very easily. Her gentle, spiritual character  enable her to do this.She is discreet and her passion for her work shows in everything she does. All mothers and babies are very lucky to have Rae to look after them”.

Alexia P Fulham, SW6

“My husband and I have had a truly wonderful experience with Rae.In a very short time – one week – she taught me how to put my 6 week old son on a schedule.Prior to her arrival I had no idea when my son would be eating or sleeping but after a few days, he had completely settled into a predictable routine.In addition to her assistance with my son’s sleeping, she taught me how to identify when he is having tummy problems and showed me different ways to effectively soothe him.If we weren’t moving back to the US, we would want to keep Rae with us for as long as possible.  We feel very lucky to have found her and without Rae we would not have learnt to needs of our son nearly as well or a quickly.I would be happy to tell anyone how terrific she is…”

Jessica C. South Kensington, SW7

(now in the US – email address available)

“Nanny Rae was our night nanny from 4th August to 7th December 2012 and worked 6 nights a week during that time.

We are third time parents who were looking for a night nurse to look after our baby so that we could look after our older two children!

When we met Nanny Rae, we felt that she would care and love our baby. We had heard so many stories about night nurses who arrive on time and leave on time and don't do anything in between and we didn't want that. After all, it's hard enought to leave your baby in the care of someone else, but when you do, you want to know that that person will love and care for your baby.

We also felt that Nanny Rae had a lot of experience with babies, and understood about their wants, needs and routines. During her time with us she approached and solved every problem with total care.

For the first two days before Nanny Rae started, she gave us all a masterclass in everything baby related, from sterilising bottles to which swaddles to buy. Even though we were third time parents, we had a lot to learn! We couldn't believe how much we forgot or didn't know, and we still practice everything we learnt from Nanny Rae.

Nanny Rae also put our baby into a routine for the daytime as well as the nightime. She explained to us how it worked so that we were able to continue her nightime work into the day. We kept very detailed logs so that Nanny Rae could see what our baby was doing as this had an effect on the night as well as an indication of her general well being. We never thought that having a night nurse would mean that you would also get a daytime routine. Nanny Rae took care to ensure that any routine was adapted to suit our baby and our family and it is because of this we had a routine that started and worked from the day our baby arrived home from hospital.

It is difficult to summarise all that Nanny Rae did for us and our baby, or all the experiences we had with her, but Nanny Rae was with us for 4 months and that in itself should convey how happy we were.

Thanks to Nanny Rae we have a beautiful baby who is settled and thriving, a family that is very settled and, above all, a friend who will always be part of our baby's life and our family”.

Jane H.Y. Hampstead, NW3

“When selecting a night nanny, we were looking for someone with whom we would feel comfortable leaving our 5 week old baby, as well as someone who would be able to assist us set a routine through the night. We were immediately impressed with all the positive references about Rae as well as her personal statement which resonated warmth and genuine care. After initially speaking with her over the phone, both my husband I felt confident that Rae would be someone we could have in our home 6 nights a week for the following 6 weeks.

What we didn't expect, however, was just how integral Rae became in our education as new parents as well as how supportive and caring she would be with our son as well as me, a nervous new mother with no family living in the UK. Rae came into our home and instilled calm, confidence and peace. Her amazing work and personal experience and genuine attention to detail was helpful in identifying our son's undiagnosed reflux and from there she became an invaluable source of information, advice and support on many issues relating to feeding, sleeping, general care and overall parenting approach. Rae immediately helped us establish a routine that continues today -- a positive, predictable and enjoyable 24 hour routine that can be flexible to allow for real life curve balls. She works incredibly close with the mother to ensure there is always open communication and sharing of the daily and nightly events so that the next day can be anticipated. Our son was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks and with Rae's genuine interest and care for our family, helped me through the tribulations of getting the right diagnosis and medication for our son over the following weeks. Her sense of humour, enjoyable conversation and willingness to help made her company pleasant and welcomed for both my husband and me. She was always punctual and willing to come early if my husband and I wanted a night out. She would frequently stay later than 7am to ensure everything was set up for the day, making breakfast and tea for me as a prepared for the day ahead.

Upon returning from Canada when our son was 4.5 months old, Rae quickly came for a troubleshooting day to assist me get him back on his routine after it was disturbed with the demands of travel and the time difference. Moreover, when our son was ready to begin solids, Rae spent the day teaching me how to prepare my son's food and weaning him.

Rae has instilled me with confidence and awareness of how to interpret and react to my son as he grows -- all of these things were beyond the call of duty of our initial engagement with Rae and this is the difference between Rae and other night nannies; Rae's depth of knowledge, wisdom and heart have no boundaries. Her thoroughness, confidence and dedication to our family has been priceless and we only hope to have more babies soon so that we can have Rae back in our home being a welcome part of our family as we adapt to a new member again”.

Christina R. Clapham, SW4

(Christina is expecting her second baby in January 2014 and has invited me back to work with her again)

I am happy to provide contact telephone numbers and email addresses for all the above testimonials