There are many classes out there to teach you about the birth and encourage you to breastfeed – but what happens when you come home with your baby and you are anxious and unsure about what happens next? In my role as a Maternity Consultant, I will teach you everything you need to know about taking good care of your baby, as soon as you come home from hospital – I call this my “Welcome Home Package” and it precedes my role as a night nanny.

Over a 36 hour period (two days and one night) I will teach you

  • How to settle your baby into a good and workable routine
  • How to feed your baby (breast or bottle)
  • How to wash, sterilise and store bottles
  • How to prepare feeds
  • How to change nappies hygenically
  • How to bathe your baby
  • How to swaddle your baby safely
  • How to recognise signs of reflux and what to do about it
  • How to identify baby’s different cries
  • How to log baby’s day and keep a Diary

and much more………………